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Sue Phelan (Soupy) has been our dog sitter since 2008, and we couldn’t imagine life without her! Our dog is a handful: he is over 100# and an intimidating breed, with several chronic health and behavioral issues, all of which Sue has taken in stride! From administering special diet and medications, to understanding our dog’s many behavioral quirks, to loving him as if he were her own pet---Sue is simply the best. We trust her implicitly with our “best pal”, knowing that she will do whatever is needed for him, and we have absolutely no concerns with Sue having a key to our home, staying overnight, re-setting the security system when she leaves, and always providing us with a detailed note of the day’s activities and “goings-on” with our dog. We recommend Sue Phelan with highest regard, and we are grateful to have found her for our very high maintenance dog’s every need. They are truly “best buds”, and we could not be more grateful to have her in our lives!


Sue is the dog companion we have long been looking for.  She quickly learned the routines of our three Labs.  Our three "kids" love when Sue comes to visit and no longer dread when we pull out the suitcases.  Returning home is a delight-our house is just as we left it and the dogs are happy to see us.  She leaves a lovely narrative which is very endearing.  The "kids" even try to keep me on Sue's play schedule.


Sue Phelan has been coming in to my home for over 6 years to give my dog a potty break and stretch his legs. As well, she has done overnight stays with him when I have gone out of town. I always arrive home to a note of the day’s activities and how my dog has been, and any concerns she might have regarding him. Sue is a true “animal person”, and she really understands my dog, and all of his unusual behaviors, and is able to spot anything that might be “off”. I have had several pet sitters before finding Sue, and I will look no further, as she is simply the best at what she does. My dog loves her, and looks forward to her visits, her homemade doggie biscuit treats, and her companionship when I am at work or away on business. Sue is the consummate professional at her job, and she is a true animal-lover. Your pet is in the best of hands with Sue Phelan!


"Sue has been caring for our two cats since they were kittens.  When we have been out of town, we always feel our guys are in good, caring hands.  She brings toys and plays with them each and every time she visits.  She leaves detailed accounts of her time spent with our pets, and lets us know if their behavior is off or out of character.  I've been really impressed with this because it demonstrates just how attentive she is to all the animals she watches.  We always have confidence leaving our fuzzy guys with Sue because we know she loves them.  I would recommend Sue as a pet companion to anyone.



"Sue is our pet sitter of choice.  No contest.  Our pets adore her, even the cat who dislikes everyone but us has decided Sue is an acceptable human (his highest compliment).  Reliable, trustworthy and numerous other positive adjectives all apply. 



We love to travel and the only drawback is my own separation anxiety, being away from our three dogs.  But when we leave them in Sue's care, we know we don't have to worry about them experiencing any anxiety.  If they could talk, I think they would tell us that its like a vacation for them, too, having someone different shower them with love and affection. Its always good to be home following a trip and finding them happy and healthy, and I really love the detailed notes Sue leaves describing each day she spends with them.  As I read them, I keep thinking "that's exactly what he or she would be doing if we were here."  From her descriptions of all the little things they do, I know that even though we are gone their life is a close to normal as it can be.  As timing goes, it seems quite often that just as we are preparing to leave, one of our kids comes down with an ear infection or something else requiring a little extra attention.  Sue is always willing and able to take care of it, and we are able to leave with minimal worrying, knowing they will be better when we return.  She always makes us think that our three are her "favorites", and maybe they are - I'm biased.  But I have a feeling that Sue makes all her clients (especially the four-legged clients) feel special 

~ H.L

Sue Phelan has cared for my two cats for the last 4 years.  One cat was a diabetic (she passed away several months ago) and required insulin injections twice a day.  Sue is one of the few pet care givers who is comfortable giving insulin shots and willing to come to my home twice a day.  She provided great care to my cats.  They are always happy, calm, never lost weight upon my return.  She left my home in beautiful shape.  I'm never worried when they are in her care.  ~B.D

Sue has been taking care of our little kitties since we moved to Tucson in 2008.  I cannot say enough good things about her.  Not only does she feed the cats, clean the litter boxes, refill the fountain and drinking glasses with water and attempts to play with the kitties, but she also throws seed for the birds, refills the thistle and hummingbird feeders, fills the bird bath with water, and waters starter plants.  She has even covered cactus for us when the temperature dropped below freezing.  She brings in the mail and leaves detailed daily reports.  Recently she had to put drops in the eyes and nostrils of one of the cats who runs if she gets too close.  She went beyond the call of duty to achieve this and stayed beyond the designated time.  Sue is very dependable, honest and trustworthy. 

~T. B.


When I can't be home to care for my cat (and, in the past, my dog), I know that he's in great hands with Sue.  She's reliable, pleasant and clearly loves animals.  I especially like her detailed notes about each visit.  With Sue as a sitter, I always have peace of mind!


~ H.H.

Sue Phelan has been our pet sitter since August 2012 when we needed someone trustworthy and reliable to care for our cat who has serious medical needs and for our 2 dogs. She especially impressed us with her abilities to make friends with our Shiba Inu/Chow mix that doesn't like anyone outside of the family. Since that time we have added another cat to the household. When Sue came over to meet our new addition, we witnessed first hand how comfortable our pets are with her. We rely on Sue for everything from dog walking during long work weeks to overnight visits when we go on vacation. She allows us to truly enjoy our time away because we know our fur kids are in good hands.

~ K.O.

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