About Us

Soupy Sits provides loving care in your home while you work, travel or convalesce. From a simple walk

to care for aging or special-needs pets, making life a little simpler is our goal.



A little about me...


My name is Sue Phelan and I have been living in Tucson since 1994. A lifelong lover of animals, I grew up with seven cats as best friends, along with various and sundry goldfish, turtles and parakeets. When they came to their end, their lives (and their enrichment of mine) were celebrated in solemn funerals, each laid to rest in a lovely spot in my Mother's flower garden. In recent years I have hearkened back to these foundations and discovered my true vocation in pet sitting; I resolved to dedicate myself fully to this work in 2008.


Before diving in full-time to pet sitting, I supplemented my career as an insurance agent with local volunteer opportunities. I fostered kittens for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and dogs for the Second Chance Prison Canine Program. In 2007, I attended the compressed summer seminar at the Assistance Dog Institute (now the Bergin University for Canine Studies) in Santa Rosa, California.


I am currently blessed with my best co-collaborator ever, Texi (pictured here), who is a mini-golden doodle. She and I started pet therapy with the Humane Society's Pet VIP program when Texi was just one year old. We have been a pet therapy team certified through Pet Partners for the past 7 years, and regularly visit patients at St. Joseph's Hospital. Texi doesn't just visit patients, but actually helps them with their physical rehabilitation. As with all animal companions, she perpetually reminds me that our relationship is characterized by reciprocity—our animals always repay us with unbridled love and devotion.


My skills and certifications include:

-Certified in pet First Aid & CPR

-administering insulin injections

-6+ years of experience as a professional pet-sitter


Soupy Sits is available to serve Northwest Tucson, including Continental Ranch, Dove Mountain, Marana and Oro Valley.